Have you heard of the TeachMeet movement? Maybe you have been or even hosted one? Perhaps it is something on your ‘one day’ list? Or you are the biggest TeachMeet fan attending them whenever and wherever you can?

Whatever your association with TeachMeets. TeachMeet Sydney part of the wider group of TeachMeet Australia needs your help. Under the leadership of @mesterman we have been awarded a grant by AITSAL. This grant is so that we can undertake an action research project to help TeachMeets become even more relevant to today’s teachers. We want to help more people attend a TeachMeet and to promote them throughout Australia, particularly in regional areas.

To start the process off an initial survey has been created. It starts with these words.’This survey will be used as part of the project undertaken by some hosts/organisers in the TeachMeet Sydney network in order to understand the reach and impact of TeachMeets. This project has been funded by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. if you have ever been to a TeachMeet either in Australia or overseas we would really appreciate your completing it’.

TeachMeets are informal, collaborative experiences organised by educators, for educators in order to share ideas and experiences and support each other in our professional growth. ANYONE can host a TeachMeet: all teachers are potential hosts and participants. Teacher-driven and highly participatory, TeachMeets might just be the professional learning you’ve been looking for.Keep them free, keep them informal, keep them active!

If you have somehow never heard about the TeachMeet movement find out more at our Teachmeet Sydney wiki or webpage which will give you links to Teachmeets taking place all over Australia.


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  1. I am from India and this concept is not common in India. But after reading this, I am going to organise one surely