Passion Projects – the presentations

Adriano Zumbo's gingerbread house

It is the end of week one, term three here in Sydney. The holidays are over and we are back to school for our ten week winter term. This week the Year 6 students have been presenting their Passion Project homework tasks. I have listened to 27 diverse and interesting presentations. So just what are Year 6 girls passionate about? A diverse range topics that’s for sure. They included the following:

Cooking- Several cookbooks were produced, as well as a cooking show, a gingerbread house, delicious pastries and a cake
Sewing- Perhaps no surprises here
Abseiling- Two girls faced their fears and abseiled quite considerable peaks, thanks Dads
Computers- One student researched the history of computing and took an old machine apart. Fascinating.
Music – Several compositions were recorded using Garage band and voice as well as piano
Animals – were featured from teaching dog tricks to rescuing Koalas.
Careers – several girls researched or interviewed people including vets, a midwife and an author.

I viewed Power Points, Google presentations, websites, a smilebox, movies and more. I listened to MP3 recordings and you tube uploads. I was blown away by my student’s confidence and presentation skills, their ease with technology and their diverse passions and interests; as well as their audience manners and their interest in each others presentations.

As we reflected as a class in the project the overwhelming feedback was positive.

‘I loved it and wish we could do it again’
‘I learned from other people’s projects that they were all unique and different’
“I learned that I must not leave projects until the last minute’
‘I learned that to keep to a timeline is really hard’
‘I learned that for a project this long, you had to really want to do it, for it to work well’

Passion Projects as homework is definitely something I will use again. Next time we all agreed that the time-line could have been shorter but as a learning experience it was invaluable. I would recommend using this method of homework to everyone.

My previous post on Passion Projects is here. I adapted the idea from one I originally found at Edgalaxy.

Image thanks to a student ‘Adriano Zumbo’s Gingerbread house’ (almost)