#ukedtravels – TeachMeet London


Friday night saw me battle through London traffic to reach TeachMeet London which was being held at St Ignatius College in Enfield. Unfortunately the traffic won and I arrived slightly late, missing the first couple of presentations.

The ones I saw were interesting though and well worth the trip. The format was slightly different to TMSydney and I liked it. All presentations were 5 minutes long. This timing was strictly enforced with one minute warnings, a buzzer and the threatened throwing of a soft toy. Presentations were grouped in twos and after every second presentation there was time for questions from the audience to the presenters. This allowed for some excellent audience participation.

Several times were given to teacher meet and mingle sessions, where food and drink was on offer, served by some boys from the school. We also had homework, all teachers had been asked to bring something small from their classroom which was an invaluable tool. At times throughout the night calls were made for volunteers to explain their objects. This too gave much cause for conversation.

All in all I thought this was a well run and interesting TeachMeet. Although they had several corporate sponsors and prizes on offer, all presentations were given by teachers for teachers and the food was supplied by St Ignatius College.

At the very end I was asked to talk off the cuff on TeachMeets in Australia. This video shows me doing my best to remember all that has been going on in Sydney and around Australia this year.

The image was another teacher’s useful tool, a class set of these A – D cards. She asks her students formative questions and watches which cards they hold up, to judge who has understood the topic in question. Such a simple and useful idea.

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