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Day two saw @jjash and myself visit two schools in Blackpool. Both of which are using technology in interesting ways with their students. This was followed by a talk fest dinner with @deputymitchell and @cheriseduxsbury.

As I walked around the school buildings I was struck at how familiar it all looked and how at home I felt. I was also aware of what a luxury it was to be able to have the time, the space and the means to be able to make these visits. I came away with several ideas I want to put into place within my classroom.

As I reflected on the day it occurred to me that our stories were essentially the same, blogging with our students works for us. We all see increased student motivation for writing and an increased sense of community within the classroom. Some parents get involved more than others and some teachers at our schools understand and use blogs well more than others. We are all on a journey of learning with our students in which we see blogging play a vital part.

I was particularly interested to see the way @Claire_N_Jones was using blogs as a means of engaging her students in writing through the use of the all thanks to the amazing work of @theheadsoffice retired teacher Julia Skinner. So that even her lower ability writing phobic students were vastly improving their literacy outcomes. It reminded me that we had not found time for this valuable resource yet this year.

I also loved this use of QR codes (see image) I am sure we could display this type of image in our classroom windows and so attract visitors to our student blogs as they pass us by. Or even pick one blogger each week to be represented this way, in our school office or newsletter. Such a simple idea that I had to travel half way around the world to find!

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