This time last year I applied for a NGS teacher’s scholarship specifically to travel to the UK so that I could visit schools who are successfully blogging with their students. I was not successful in my application, unfortunately I did not receive the $5000 travel grant but being a runner up I did get a lovely $250 voucher to spend.

After sulking (ever so slightly) I decided life is too short and that since I knew I would be visiting my son who is working in the UK this year, that I should to go on the trip anyway. So I approached my school with a request for a week’s leave and started to plan. Thanks to my Twitter PLN especially the wonderful Julia Skinner founder of the amazing 100 word challenge they quickly took shape.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that primary teacher and friend from Victoria, Jenny Ashby, was also traveling to the UK on the same weekend. We decided to join together for a few days and road trip practically the length of England. Our plan is to visit schools who are using technology in interesting ways, especially those using class and student blogging. We want to learn from and with primary teachers, make connections and share ideas.

So if you are a primary teacher in England and you work or live near any of these places please get in contact with us:

Monday June 17: From Windsor to High Wycombe after which it is our intention to drive all or part the way to Blackpool. Are you in that area or on the way? Where should we stop for the night?
Tuesday June 18: Blackpool visiting @Claire_Jones  Followed by dinner with quad blogging founder and inspirational teacher @deputymitchell founder of Quad Blogging.
Wednesday June 19: Bolton to visit Heathfield and High Lawn primary schools and finally meet @cherise_duxbury
Thursday June 20: Back down to Muswell Hill for me and onto Bradford for Jenny
Friday June 21: Maidstone to see @mbrayford followed by #TMLondon in Enfield.

The following week I will be visiting friends and relations in Brighton and Cambridge, I have nothing special planned and would love to meet or catch up with peeps there too. If anyone out there is interested please tweet me at @henriettami. I am excited about the possibilities for learning, connecting and sharing. And as for jet-lag? We will be having way too much fun to let that bother us!

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  1. Viviene Tuckerman

    How wonderful Henrietta! Have a great time 🙂

  2. Well you certainly have it all mapped out! Sadly I’m in the opposite end of the country both weeks as I am travelling north 26th June. Never mind. Perhaps we can meet up when I come to NZ to see my brother hopefully next year!

  3. Sounds wonderful …… look forward to reading the blog posts


  4. henriettami

    Absolutely you must come to Australia, you will be practically here anyway once you are in New Zealand. It would be fabulous to host you at one of the Sydney TeachMeets too. Thank you for all you help with my trip.