It is Monday night. I have spent the day at school preparing my class room for the term ahead. I have also been working hard with my stage buddies on our integrated studies unit of inquiry for this term. Now I am at home relaxing and my thoughts are turning to this term’s art program. I have last year’s program and I have ideas. I know that at some point I want to plan for my students to study a famous artist. I want them to grapple with artistic concepts and to talk about art. I also know that I want them to create, to make and to enjoy their art lessons. It can be so hard to motivate some Year 6 students in Art lessons. Unfortunately by then some of them have already decided that they are no good at art. I know from experience that I need to encourage, to cajole and to praise all their artistic efforts.

So what do I do? I need some ideas, some inspiration, some clues about where to head this term. Our integrated unit is about making a difference to our environment. My students will be reading, researching and choosing global, national or local environmental projects to get involved in. How can I bring art into this without it seeming trite or as an add on?

I am not worried though as these days I have Pinterest. All it takes is a quick check of the Pinterest app on my Ipad and I am away. I have logged in, created a search for ‘recycled art’ and I now know where I am heading. I may or may not have found complete art lessons but I have found my inspiration. Visual ideas, visual references and visual clues. Clues and ideas I know I can develop into meaningful art lessons for my year 6 class.

However did we manage without the Internet? However did we come up with new ideas, inspiration and clues to worthwhile lessons before we could search for them, so quickly and so simply? I really cannot remember. I know I still have many reference books but it is not the same.

What I do know is that for me it does not matter, as now I have Pinterest and I can relax, knowing that I am set and on my way for yet another exciting term of learning in year 6.

You can check out my Pinterest boards here. https://pinterest.com/henriettami/

Featured image, ‘a durant of Toucans’. Term one art lesson 2013