Adobe- Digital Creativity in the Classroom lesson 3 video


The end of Adobe’s Digital Creativity in the Classroom e-learning seminars is fast approaching. Tuesday nights will soon be mine again and the need for my weekends to be spent completing homework will be over. On reflection I have enjoyed the course very much and I have really improved my Adobe skills in Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I have also been introduced to Flash in which I managed to make several small animation files. As a result of taking this course I certainly feel more confident in all three programs, which has to be good news for my students.

I will be keeping an eye out for more of this style of learning. The opportunity to meet in an Adobe Connect room with educators from all around the globe is a fabulous opportunity. And on the one night I couldn’t actually be there, I was able to watch the recording at a later date. Some of the homework tasks were frustrating and difficult and I felt completely out of my comfort zone several times. Always a good reminder of how my students must sometimes feel.

Our final creative task was to create a one to two minute video. I am really pleased with my one minute film. This is probably because since we had a two week Easter break, I spent the most amount of time of any of the homework tasks on it. Firstly I planned it clearly. I then spent several days filming using Timelapse an IPad app. Only to discover that I had filmed everything using a portrait setting which made the movie files too small. I went ahead and made a movie anyway, using that footage just as a practice. When I filmed again the following week i did not manage to capture as much good footage but it turned out to be enough to create this. And yes the coffee cup is a deliberate shot! The act of creating two films in order to produce one was a reminder that my students need time to learn, time to improve their skills and time to play in a program before they can truly produce work of which they will be proud.

A minute in a day of Year 6 from Henrietta Miller on Vimeo.