I have long been a fan of Diigo. I use it to bookmark web sites I find myself  I also subscribe to several Diigo groups and receive email alerts with sites other educators find interesting. Recently though I discovered that Diigo has upgraded the service it offers teachers and so Mrs T and I are now using Diigo in our Year 6 classrooms and it is fabulous.

We signed up for a Diigo education account and created a private group called Year 6 2013. Once approved by Diigo our students used their school email addresses to join Diigo and join our group  They then installed the Diigolet bookmaking tool on their own laptop toolbar and they were away. With the Diigolet tool they can tag, annotate, highlight and add sticky notes to websites they find. This has been really useful for us all as they research our topic of rainforests.

We have also spent several ICT lessons this year teaching them important Google searching tips, using lessons I found from Google Education. Now my students know how to refine their search terms using key words and phrases and how to adjust their own searches to suit their personal reading ability. This has been absolutely invaluable for many of my students who cannot yet cope with many websites which are of an advanced reading level.

Now whenever someone wants to find a web resource the first place they go is to our Diigo group. There they are sure to find a website tagged, annotated and even with the key information highlighted ready to be used for note taking.



You can see from the example above that Lotte has even advised the groups what reading level this web page is suitable for. I am loving the way our Diigo group is encouraging the sharing of websites and information throughout the whole group too.

If you have not signed your class up for Diigo then visit here for more information and help on just how to use Diigo in your classroom.

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