Adobe Digital Creativity in the Classroom – lesson two Flash

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I took lesson two in the Adobe Digital creativity in the classroom this week. During the lesson a question was posed. Was last week’s homework a creative task? I wrote here about my frustrations with this task, which was to create a version of the iconic HOPE poster. For me this task was one which really stretched my skills and my results were not creative at all. Many of the other participants though managed to create posters which were really interesting and imaginative. On reflection I am sure that this is because these educators were already familiar with Photoshop. I know that by completing this tightly prescriptive lesson that my Photoshop skills improved immeasurably. If I apply this thought to my teaching, I reflect on the following. When learning new skills, students can be given prescriptive tightly controlled instructions as teaching and learning activities. they should be then able to apply these skills into new situations. I have often observed that truly creative results come once students are familiar with ideas, programs and skill sets.

This week my learning has turned to Flash. Adobe Flash is not a program I have used before. So I carefully watched the provided videos before attempting to create my own swf file. Once again I was less than satisfied with my first attempt. This week though I persisted and using other help videos I created my first animated .mov file using Adobe Photoshop to firstly create a layered image of a moon landing. Which I then placed and manipulated in Adobe Flash. Although my results are not particularly creative, they look exactly as I expected and as the instructions explained. I know that my knowledge of both Flash and Photoshop has improved greatly. I am sure that I can now apply this knowledge further and create my own animated .SWF and .MOV files.

Furthermore I am feeling confident that I can now impart this knowledge to my students. I am looking forward to the students in my Digi Kids club who no doubt will soon be teaching me more about these programs by creating their own creative images in Photoshop and animations in Flash.

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