All of a sudden I seem to have a whole new readership. Almost daily my email tells me of a new ping-back comment. It appears I have made it onto a university list and my guess is these students are visiting and reading lots of education blogs. These students are using blogs as a reflective tool. Finding new ideas, challenging some and blogging to reflect on their learning. Not all of them agree with the points I make, which is fabulous. I would hate to think that my viewpoint is the only one. After all these are my musings, my reflections and my thoughts. What works for me may not work for them. I am fine with that.

I am though excited by the thought that student teachers are being taught to blog. Not because I am ever concerned by my readership but because I know the power that blogging can bring. I know that the act of reading, writing and reflecting has made me a better teacher. I know that to share is to give and that the act of giving builds in me a sense of self worth. I know that by blogging I have connected with and met so many other fabulous teachers that my life has been enriched by the experience. I know that blogging with my class has opened their eyes to the world and helped them too make connections that reach far beyond any classroom walls. And after all isn’t that what teaching is all about? Doing what one can to improve, grow and learn, so that whatever subject you teach your students too can improve, grow and learn?

This is the third year I have chosen to maintain a blog. I write posts daily in my head and many never make to this site. I do not have the time to correct, check and edit many of my musings. I am not interested in making money from blogging and I have turned down several advertisement opportunities. Admittedly most of them were for gambling sites! So to the students out there in cyber space. Keep reading, keep writing, keep reflecting, keep learning. And above all enjoy the journey.

And to let you into a little secret. Teaching is the best job ever. Never will you be bored. Never will the days seem the same. And the joy you will feel when a student ‘gets it’ is beyond anything that an office job can offer. I truly hope you will be as blessed as I am and that you will love it too.

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