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It is the beginning of January and here in Australia we are part way through our summer break. For the past few weeks I have had a deliberate time away from all things connected with teaching, blogging and education. I have rarely checked Twitter, I have not been pinning on Pinterest and I have read novels instead of educational texts. I have spent time with my family and friends instead of my students. Vital time, as by the end of last term, I was tired, run down and ready for a break. Now though, I feel refreshed and ready to face the new year.

My holidays are not over yet though as next weekend I am off on a two week family holiday with no WiFi!. So this week I have been preparing myself both mentally and physically for the year ahead. To start with I went into my classroom for an extended meeting with my teaching buddy. We discussed our program, our desires, our needs and our students. We then divided up just a few of the many tasks that need to be done before term starts. I moved the students’ desks into new positions, I put up some posters and spent the next two days writing some of my maths program and planning a new English unit. As I did this I realised that it felt good to be back, It felt right to be planning, to be preparing and to be thinking about the year ahead. I have found some new websites already such as Biblionasium to record my students reading. As I get excited about the possibilities, I know that I am ready for the excitement of the classroom, the daily dramas and the challenges of year 6 again. To conclude my holidays I have several books that I want to read including for the second time Making Thinking Visible the routines of which I intend to use in my classroom. I have more Adobe Presenter movies I want to make and many blog posts I want to read. Luckily I still have some time left.

I hope that next year my classroom will be full of laughter and fun. I hope my students will be ready to work hard, to leave their comfort zones and to take up challenges. I hope that I teach them well, that I explain when needed and stand back and let them learn when needed. I hope that Teachmeets will continue to flourish and grow all around Australia, so that more teachers can learn the power that comes from having a Personal Learning Network. I hope that more teachers find out that they can connect, learn and share via social networking sites such as Twitter and Pinterest. I hope that more teachers take up blogging, as the best possible means of reflecting on best practice.

I hope that you had a fabulous holiday break and that you to are ready for the challenges that 2013 will bring. What do you hope for?

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  1. Karen Hopkins

    Thank you for sharing your 2013 goals. You have inspired me to consider my own.

  2. Anthony W

    Have a great time Mrs Miller … I am excited for your students … If a true test of an educational leader is if past students reflect later in life on who made a difference in their school years you will be atop many students lists.

  3. Mary

    Such a positive perspective on the year ahead! Well done or finding the time and mental space to reflect on the year to come. Hope your students come to realise the power of reflection too. Have a fantastic year!

  4. Your positive outlook is extremely inspiring. I am currently in school for education and am glad I was given your blog to follow. You have offered a great deal of new information for me, and I’m looking forward to learning more from your experiences. I hope you reach and exceed all of your 2013 goals.

  5. Viviene Tuckerman

    ‘Making Learning Visible’ sounds really interesting. I hope to continue blogging with my students and learning new things to use on our blogs. We all enjoyed the 100 Word Challenge last year and I think we will continue with that.
    I hope to introduce Minecraft to my whole Yr 7 group this year. Last term I had an experimental group use it at school, and I will be most interested to see what they have done in the holidays. They were building an abode for their created character in an imaginary kingdom. I would like to have them all create pyramids for HSIE and Maths. I can see a lot of cross KLA possibilities.

  6. It sounds as if you are ready for a great year too Viv. I hope your minecraft project is a success. It certainly should be, since it is such an engaging and fun program to use.

  7. Viviene Tuckerman

    Thank you Henrietta!

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