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My teaching year has ended and I am tired, ready for a break, ready to switch off and recuperate. I think there is something particularly exhausting about the Australian end of school year. Not only is it filled with end of year events, such as dance concerts, prize givings and award nights but Christmas is fast approaching, giving that extra edge of anticipation and excitement to the final weeks of term. Although I am luckily enough to already be on holidays, I am well aware that all Australian public schools still have another ten days of term to go, so this is not a time to gloat but to reflect on the year that is past and the year that might be in 2013.

Last week I said goodbye to a very special group of students, ones who I had taken from year 5 to year 6. Our goodbyes were not without tears and I will miss them.
Last term I held my second TeachMeet a movement that I hold dear to my heart. The amazing Matt has calculated that 42 separate TeachMeet events were hosted during 2012 in the Sydney area, up from 17 in 2011. And that over 3000 individual teachers have attended a TeachMeet in Sydney since March 2011. What a great network we are building.
Last year I attended my first Adobe Summit and learned so much, I am gradually paying that learning forward to my network and my students.

Next term I will greet  a new group of students who will no doubt quickly work their magic on me, they will learn and I will learn. it will be a good year.
Next term I will be one of three teachers undertaking a Harvard Leadership Course with the aim of  taking TeachMeets to new heights.
Next year I will continue my Adobe learning journey, bringing new possibilities into my classroom and network.

But now it is time to switch off, to stop thinking about maths lessons and to start thinking about holidays, it is time to relax, to read, to walk my dog and recharge. As I do this though, I will still take time to learn. using the fifteen minute rule. Take fifteen minutes once a day to read something new, or try something new, or learn something new. It is amazing just how much can be accomplished in just fifteen minutes.

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  1. Viviene Tuckerman

    It must have been hard to say goodbye to your lovely students this year. They certainly seem like a great bunch, to judge by their wonderful blogs and good natures.

    Where did you attend the Adobe Summit? You seemed to have gained so much through that. Have a great holiday Henrietta!

  2. Thank you for all your kind comments this year Viv, it was indeed hard to say goodbye to a great group of students. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be invited to join the worldwide network of Adobe Education Leaders, which is how I was able to join their Sydney summit.