This is my third year of writing the blog, a task I find both rewarding and reflective. I have written before and presented at conferences on the reasons I think all teachers should maintain a personal blog. Trying to be nominated for a blogging award and thus the opportunity to place a nomination badge on ones website is certainly not a reason to blog. Having said that I did write a nomination post myself and I was amazed to find that others had written them too. Resulting in my receiving several nominations in the Best Teacher Blog in this year’s Edublogs awards. I am especially proud to find out that one of them came from a teacher I admire,  who used it as an opportunity to write her very first post. Blogging, learning, sharing and growing as a teacher continues to be part of an amazing journey of learning and growth in my life. And one I aim to continue during 2013.

Although I am incredibly honoured to have made this short list, what I am almost prouder of though is that my class blog was also nominated, as well as four of my student blogs, three individual students and one group blog. You can read more about that here.

This will be my one attempt to garner us some votes. I am so proud of my student nominations but for us to actually win, we need to you to vote for just one of them. So today In particular I want to ask you to vote for This and That by Esha in the Best Student Blog category . Esha has blogged independently for nearly two years now,. She writes interesting and reflective posts just for fun, not because anyone makes her and certainly not because it has ever been homework. In that time she has received nearly 10,000 visitors and numerous comments. I would love her to be recognised for this, as I know she has the potential to continue this as she moves from my care into the senior school next year.

As for me, I have a few more posts up my sleeve for 2012 and then I will be resting and recharging my internal batteries ready for the challenge of 2012.

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