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This is a copy of a Prezi I gave at the PLANE Festival of Learning last week. I have already blogged here with some of my reflections from the event. I started blogging nearly three years ago now and I know how it has changed the way I teach in so many ways. For me blogging is a continuous flow of reading, writing, reflecting, learning and above all growing as a teacher. Even if you cannot find the time, energy or motivation to blog yourself, there are so many fabulous teacher blogs that you can read and learn from.

As a starting point that will really make you think, can I recommend this post from Melbourne Educator Edna Saxon called Ten Tips for Reticent Bloggers

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  1. A blog as -an archive, a resource, eportfolio, to pay it forward! Love it Henrietta. SO very true. A blog post for me; helps me cement my learning and acts as a “summary” of what I have discovered and hope to achieve. Enjoyed the prezi as I didn’t get a chance to pop into your presentation whilst at the conference- another advantage of a blog post 🙂 Thanks for the sharing and inspiration Henrietta!

  2. Great prezi, Henrietta. Says it all about blogging. Going to keep that for next year as ICT leader and I embark on getting everyone on board the blogging express. Blogging this year has helped me grow so much as an educational thinker and that wasn’t even the plan. It has helped me clarify my beliefs, communicate my ideas and it has given me a buzz in how others have embraced my ideas. The tips from Edna and you resonate well with me. I was actually planning to do a similar post soon in preparing for next years school blogging goal but you’ve saved me time. Thanks.

    ( P.S. Thanks for the mention in the Prezi,too.)

  3. Thank you for your kind words Mark and Jeanette, it is bloggers like you that keep me going! By the way Mark, I particularly used your maths post as an example of a reflective post. As I can imagine that the act of putting together such as fabulous list must have been an amazingly reflective act. Sometimes it is not until you get it all down on paper can you stop and think, wow, we really are on the right track here.

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