I was a delegate at ACEC2010 in Melbourne just over two years ago, during the Easter school holidays if my memory serves me right. I had heard about the conference through a Twitter buddy and I put my hand up asking my school if they would help me with some of the costs, if I was to attend. I am forever grateful that my principal had the foresight and dare I say the wisdom to say yes. I went to ACEC2010 (my first large conference ever) as a teacher of year 5 and a class as well as a personal blogger.

It was at ACEC2010 that I first met amazing Australian educators like Adrian Bruce and Steve Collis. There that I first heard key note speakers like Gary Stager and Silvia Martinez.. I came away from that conference invigorated and inspired. Inspired to learn and to grow as a teacher. So much has happened over the past two and a half years that as I reflect on the ways I have changed, it seems hard to believe that I have fitted everything in.

Over dinner at the conference one night I told the story of how I had discovered Twitter and the world of a PLN to Steve Collis and he encouraged me to join his next presentation. My knees shook and my voice wobbled as I took to the stage. As I left the conference though I realised that most of the presenters there were just teachers, teachers like me who were trying their best to effect change in their students. So I thought if they could do it so could I.

Two and a half years later I return to ACEC2012, this time as a presenter as well as a delegate. As a member of the board of ICTENSW. And as an Adobe Education Leader. I also return to ACEC2012 as a teacher of year 6 and a class and personal blogger.

If you are going to ACEC2012 whether for your first conference visit or one of many come by and say hello. I will be at the Adobe stand during my lunch breaks and I will be presenting the following. I look forward to seeing you there.

Using social networking to personalise learning in the 21st Century classroom. 

From Twitter to Techie brekkies and TeachMeets, how to reform the face of your staff professional development.

Some of the posts I wrote during ACEC2010

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  1. Great post Henrietta and summed up many of my own thoughts. I went to ACEC 2010 as a newly appointed ICT teacher with very little idea of what I was doing and I’m now returning to ACEC 2012 having evolved my role into ICT teaching/Coaching/leading the vision for our school. Looking forward to as much inspiration as I got out of it last time! Good luck with the presentation 🙂

  2. Anthony (Tess W's Dad)

    Too humble Miss Miller … and never “just a teacher” … if this state had thousands more like you and your peers who are equally passionate about leading and leading what a better society we would all share.

    Enjoy your conference … and get a walk in on the beach, I hear the weather is good.