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I received a comment this week asking if I preferred Edublogs or Edmodo best. Since in my mind they are totally different platforms with different uses, I thought I would respond with a post..

Edublogs is a wordpress derived blogging platform aimed at teachers and students. Its own websites states that Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts – it’s safe, easy and secure. At our school edublogs is our blogging platform of choice. Each of our classes has a class blog, which we use as our public face to the world. On my class blog we write posts about what is going on in the classroom, we blog from excursions, we write about our learning, we reflect and we share.  Essentially we are trying to provide a window into our classrooms. Our blogs are open to the world and we allow comments from our visitors. At times we actively seek those comments from the wider community. Edublogs also allows my students to blog and many of them do, running their own personal blogs which they too use to display work, reflect on their learning and share with family and friends around the globe. Blogging allows my students to maintain a digital footprint and to learn authentic cyber safety in a real context. Edublogs does allow classes to blog in private with password protected controls. At my school though, we choose not to use this feature, believing that it is better to maintain a positive and open digital footprint, that to hide behind a wall of passwords. If you are considering blogging with your class or students then edublogs should be your platform of choice, from the variety of website designs available to you, to their excellent support, they cannot be faulted.

Edmodo is a secure online discussion forum devised by teachers for teachers and students. In my classroom we use edmodo in many ways. It is our chatting space, our ask for help space, our private connection space and more. I have groups running for most subjects and my students are in it daily. Edmodo looks a bit like facebook, the conversations flow down the middle, while files and folders can be easily stored on the sides. I can upload videos and work samples, questions and answers. I can put anything I want my students to see and read in it. The main point is that Edmodo is private. The only people who see what is in our groups are the students and teachers who are in those groups. The point of edmodo for me is that it is a space where my students can learn and share in private. They can be messy, they can make mistakes, they can chat and giggle and write without having to worry about their digital footprint and they can do this with other students and teachers from around the country and around the globe. I also use Edmodo to connect with other teachers from around the globe sometimes even forming joint groups for our students to work and learn in.

In my classroom we use both edublogs and edmodo. they are both vital tools in our planning, teaching and sharing. To add to the mix we are also a moodle school using it as a secure online LMS system. My students are confident users of all three systems and many other tools besides. Confident 21st century students. learning, sharing, reflecting and more. Extending the length of the school day and breaking down the walls of the classroom to learn with the world.

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  1. David Stonestreet

    Yes I think that is a good distinction made between the two.

    Do you use the parent login feature of Edmodo?

  2. Yes we have given parents the parent code and some of them use it. I have never had a parent concerned or having a problem with it. In case you are not aware the parent can see what I write and what their own child writes, they cannot see the whole stream of conversations.

  3. Lori

    Thanks for your post. It was very helpful to distinguish between the two. Although I am not very technologically savvy, I really want to set up blogs and ePortfolios for my students this year (8th graders).

    I see you mentioned that you use both edmodo and edublog programs. Do you have one as a main page and then link to the other application? I am having such a hard time visualizing how to set this up. Thanks!

  4. I know it can be hard to visualise. Our home page is our class blog and other pages, such as links to edmodo are inserted as a widget on the side of the blog. I hope that helps. Otherwise you could have an igoogle home page with rss feeds of all the pages you like on this. Or you could just have the blog addresses sitting as your bookmarklets along the top of safari or other browser.