When sickness strikes


I enjoy keeping fit and healthy and I do what I can to keep myself free from sickness. Every now and then though I fall victim to some bugs and for me it was this week, when a particularity nasty virus that has been doing the rounds of my classroom finally found its way into my throat. After spending most of last weekend resting I took Monday off work in order to fully recover. As I remotely organised my class for the day I reflected on just how different this process was from only a few years ago.

  • I sent a detailed email to my co-teacher outlining my lessons for the day.
  • I checked into edmodo and warned my students of my absence.
  • I relaxed because I knew my maths lesson was already in SMART notebook and stored in our school’s Moodle system.

As I began to feel better on the Monday afternoon, I chose to do the following:

  • I dealt with my emails and answered several student questions in edmodo.
  • I checked into Mathletics and then notified students who had not completed their weekly homework via email.
  • I saw what some students had written for one particular project when I visited google docs.

I can still remember the days when I was a casual teacher and walking into a classroom often meant.

  • Trying to understand a message that had arrived via the phone from the sick bed to the school secretary.
  • Trying to guess what the students might need to complete that day based on the papers left on a teacher’s desk.
  • Traveling to schools with a complete pack of lessons and activities because the sick teacher might not have any timetable or program left out.

Thankfully I was soon back at work and my class? They had not missed a beat. Spending the day learning using our online learning spaces is second nature for them now,

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