Like all primary teachers I have a jam packed timetable. Outcomes must be reached and indicators ticked in English, Maths, HSIE, Science and more. Not to mention Music, P.E. Library and French. As a result any session without a break is precious to me, as it is in those times that I plan to really work with my class on a one particular area in depth. Last week my time table said ‘double English’ great I thought a chance to really dig deep into this term’s text type. A chance for modeled, shared and individual writing to take place. Except that it was not to be, as we were having an incursion instead.

A Musica Viva concert was planned. So it was with a faintly grumpy feeling that I took my place along with my class in the hall, knowing that once again I would write ‘no time’ on my program this week. And then the music started and I gradually began to relax. The Musica Viva group were fabulous, they engaged the students in everything they did. Discussing and improvising with them to create moving and interesting music. Showing them how to create different sounds, singing with them and using their bodies to create percusssion. Teaching them about sound waves and generally uplifting them with their performance.

As I sat and listened, I reflected that in the scheme of life, so what that my writing lesson had to wait. The learning my students enjoyed that morning was a rare treat and one many rural primary students may never get to hear. And who knows maybe one day, one of my students will themselves be a professional musician; playing, teaching and sharing their love of music with the next generation of students.

I even managed to record a couple of audio boos and share them on our class blog. Indeed a great way to spend a morning.Here is one of them for you to enjoy too.

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