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Regular readers will know I love to learn and I love to share. You will know how much I rave about and support TeachMeets and how I know that my own teaching has grown since I embraced learning and change. In fact I would go so far as to say, it is my desire to continuously explore new things and new ways of teaching that keeps me inspired, that keeps me on my toes and is the reason I get out of bed with a smile on my face everyday. In the past month I have attended an excellent after school workshop run by ICTENSW at which I picked up some new IWB skills from @kateytwits. At my school two staff shared some great programing resources at a staff meeting. Simple but helpful ideas that I immediately adopted.  In return I held a techie brekkie, sharing with staff more about the recent Habits of Mind course I attended. Great learning and sharing in our school community.

Last week I tried some thing new and different though, I was asked by Bron Stuckey if I would present at the inaugural TeachMeet@Plane. It has been a busy few weeks and I am in mid flow with my reports, so I was tempted to turn the offer down but I knew I already had the perfect slide show, so I readily agreed. I shared a presentation I have used at a local Teachmeet once before called ‘Why I love Edmodo’. Unlike a local TeachMeet though this meeting was held via Adobe Connect. Two hosts, six presenters and approximately seventy participants gathered around their computers and i-pads on a cold Wednesday evening. Several people admitted to being in their PJs. I even ate my dinner, loaded the dishwasher and hung out some washing while listening to the presenters before me! It was so much fun.

Sharing and learning has never been simpler. PD in pyjamas what a great way to to spend an evening. What an easy way to share and learn. Participants can come and go, listen and multitask or listen and chat in the chat room. TeachMeet@Plane will be holding this style of TeachMeet every month and they promise to be interesting, informative and a great way to learn from home. To add to TeachMeet@Plane, in two weeks time there will also be a Sydney organised Virtual TeachMeet. This will also be using Adobe Connect. Although held in Sydney it is open to all and you can sign up via our TeachMeet wiki.

Come and learn, come and share. Anyone is welcome to join us, from home or school. In clothes or your Pyjamas.

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