It’s the holidays here in Sydney a much needed time of rest and relaxation. A time to recharge ones internal batteries and prepare for next term. Teachers are much maligned in the popular press for the holidays we get. We know though that without these breaks we would not survive for long. I actually have masses of work to do, including programming, marking, planning and devising lessons. So my holidays do not really feel like a true break. Still I am making sure I find time to read, drink coffee, catch up with friends and sleep! So that I too will be ready for the term ahead.

Today though I am reflecting on whether my students realise just how much they have been demonstrating their learning during the past ten days of holidays? They too are spending time with family and friends, visiting other countries. Going to the Easter show. Having sleepovers, watching movies and more. How do I know this? I know this because they are writing about it. They are writing to each other and our American friends using our Edmodo groups. They are writing in depth accounts of days away, holiday trips, things they are reading about, movies they are watching. Sleepovers they are having or looking forward to. They are writing to each other from across suburbs and across the world. The American students are asking questions such as ,’what is netball?’ My students are responding with lengthy answers. All the time they are writing, reading and learning.

I wish I could show you some of the in-depth and well written responses I read last night but I can’t. Our edmodo groups are of course private and in many ways that is what they need to be. Only myself and an American teacher are watching these conversations. We are not correcting the grammar or checking the spelling. Just eleven year old children being social in ways they know how, using the medium they are used to and the program that best connects them.

Interestingly to me is the fact that not many of them are blogging. A few posts here and there but nothing to brag about. Yet in Edmodo the writing is in depth and the conversations are flowing, My guess is that in a few years time it will be facebook, I wonder though if the conversations they will have then will be in quite so much depth? Will they be as well written? Will they be as interesting as some of these are to read?

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