This blog post has been prepared to support a presentation I am giving at the University of NSW for an ICTENSW workshop. My workshop will be provide participants with information on how to connect their classrooms to the world and extend the length of their school days, using edmodo and edublogs.

The secure online networking forum of Edmodo has so many classroom and teacher uses, that to list them here would take too long. You can read more about why I love and how I use edmodo here and here. You can read a series of posts about how Bianca Hewes uses edmodo in her high school here. Thanks also to Monique Dalli for her excellent blog about using edmodo in a high school setting.

At my school, class blogging is scaffolded and promoted from K-6. We start with class blogs and move towards integrating personal student blogs. Every step we take follows a scope and sequence and it is introduced slowly. By Year 5 student blogs are also added for those who are interested and this is extended in Year 6. We use edublogs as our blogging provider, since in my opinion their help guides and online support are excellent. They also have links to many class blogs around the world. For a list of some of the excellent ones in Australia please read this post. To read through a Themeefy  so as to learn more about the uses of edmodo and blogging with students please read this post.

I will also be promoting some of the excellent teacher blogs from around the world. My aim is not to promote one blog over another but to show participants how they too can connect and learn with and from others around the globe. In my classroom I aim to model and promote a love of learning and an enthusiasm to try new tools. I believe though that it is about the learning and not the tools. In my opinion both edmodo and edublogs are tools which support reading, writing, and digital literacy. They also provide students the opportunity for extension, collaboration and sharing. During this workshop we will discuss other free tools which are valuable resources for classroom teachers. These will include voicethread, animoto and Spelling City. You can read more about tools that I use in my classroom here.

During my workshop I will be showing this prezi.

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