Okay so this post is blatant promotion, a chance for me to push, write about and spruik something close to my heart, TeachMeets. Some readers may know that the first Sydney Teachmeet was held in my classroom last April. After which I discovered I was not alone in thinking Teachmeets would make a great addition to teacher’s professional development, as I found another one was being held at a nearby school by Matt Esterman. We then discovered that we were not alone and Simon Crook was also instigating these wonderful forms of professional development through his role with the CEO in Sydney.

Since then TeachMeet Sydney has grown to such as point that this term alone we have several TeachMeets in the planning stage, each one being held in a different part of Sydney. SO whether you live in the East, West or Hills area you can get to one and meet other like-minded educators. Other teachers who want to network, meet, talk and grow. Other teachers who are prepared to share best practice, share ideas and share resources. Other teachers who want to break down the walls of their classrooms and learn together. And not only that TeachMeets are also planned this term for Melbourne and Brisbane too.

As part of the growth of TeachMeets in Australia a new TeachMeet Australia website has also been born. One which eventually hopes to hold the details of all future meetings. One which hopefully will allow the TM Sydney wiki to develop into more of a resource centre.

But firstly we have a world record to break and we need you and your colleagues to achieve it. On March 2nd from 5.00pm to 8.00pm we will be attempting to hold a TeachMeet with more than 350 participants. To be held at the Australian Technology Park, a two minute walk from Redfern station, this TeachMeet promises to be a meeting like no other. View this google doc to see how over 140 teachers from all types of schools and all curriculum areas have already joined us, can you come too? There will be seven minute and two minutes presentations.There will be a sandpit area for brainstorming sessions. There will be teachers from all curriculum areas and all educational setting presenting and networking. There will be beer available to purchase!

The question is? If you teach in Sydney can you afford to miss it? After all it is free. It is after school and it is a Friday night. So please visit the TeachMeet wiki to sign up for TMSydney World Record and help spread the word at your school by downloading and printing this poster ‘savethedate-1’ too.