Shiny shoes, Crisp new uniforms, Bulging backpacks, Brand new lunch boxes, Untouched exercise books

Yes its back to school time here in Australia, week one is already over and the term is almost up and running at full steam. I love the new year, a fresh start for some, a new class for most, new ideas, fresh faces, eager learners. Yet for me this year is one of many changes and many similarities. For this year after six years on year 5 I have moved to teach year 6. I have many new things, including a new room, new computer and new grade buddies. What I don’t have are new students, as half of my class I taught last year and the other half I co-taught with Pru. So I already know them well.

So just what does this mean for me as a teacher and a learner? I have been thinking about the positives and negatives of this move. On the positive side I already know their names, their personalities, their learning styles and more. I know who to worry about and who to watch over. I already know who loves Maths and who needs help in English. I know about their friendship issues and their families. I understand what motivates them and what challenges them. All wonderful positives which have certainly ensured a smooth start to year 6.

On the negative side I have a new program to write, new topics to delve into and a new curriculum to get my head around. As well as new grade buddies to get to know and learn to work with. Yet are those really negatives? Yes I will miss Pru, I already do. Yet our friendship built over many years of shared experiences will not die and our classrooms are just around the corner from each other. Yes I need to write new programs and learn new curriculum matters. Yet I love to learn, I love new challenges and I never sit still anyway. Yes I need to get to know my two new grade buddies. Yet they are great teachers too and I know I will learn much from them too.

Negatives? Not me. I’m a glass half full kind of person anyway, so I am looking forward to the challenges, the ups and downs the pluses and minuses and everything that will go to make 2012 a great year of learning both for me and my students.

Watch this space!


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  1. Wow it is amazing to think that so many teachers all start the new year with that spring in our step.

  2. Great attitude Hemrietta. I think the Grade 6 students are in very good hands.

  3. You have such a positive attitude for having to make a change. There should be more teachers in this world like you. More teachers who will be excited to make changes like you have, to keep a positive attitude while doing so, and view a change as a step towards progression, not regression. Expressing and sharing about your life as a teacher outside of your classroom really shows your dedication to your student’s lives. That alone, makes you a wonderful teacher!

  4. Thank you Katie, kind words indeed. I don’t know that I am always a wonderful teacher, I have my ups and downs like anyone else. What I do know is that I love my job. How anyone could work all week in a career or job that they do not love is a mystery to me. Luckily I discovered teaching and that is what I get my thrills from!