From little things big things grow – The edublogs awards


I have been so busy with my term ending as well as staff presentations and workshops to run that this year edublogs awards have virtually passed me by. Last night however I realised that nominations had ended without my noticing and that voting was upon us. A quick glance through the nominations and I realised I have had a hand on not one, not even two but six nominations, in three different categories!

The first category I have played a part in is Best Student Blog. I am both excited and thrilled that four of our students from year5rc have been nominated. Nominated by their peers, families and friends from around the globe in this category. I am excited for them, not because they might win but as they like so many others from our class have taken to blogging with gusto. In year 5 blogging is optional, virtually no school time is given to it. We even ask parents to become the administrators. So although I can claim to have had a part in these nominations, their success is not because of me. Yes, I read their posts and occasionally I comment but really each of these eleven year old girls is blogging because she wants to. Not because it has been set for homework, not because a teacher has made them. Just because reading and writing for and with a world wide audience interests them. These students have extended the length of their school day with meaningful posts and authentic writing.

So I present to you

  • Angie: you can vote for her here
  • Dawso: you can vote for her here
  • Esha: you can vote for her here
  • Tess: you can vote for her here

These are students who are all eleven yeas old and have been blogging since April of this year. They are on the world stage now, representing Year 5rc and all of their classmates who are also student bloggers but who didn’t make the short lists. Please take the time and check out their blogs, they would all love new visitors and then please vote for one of them.

The second category I have played my part in is with TeachMeet Sydney. Little did I dream back in April of this year when I held the first Sydney TeachMeet in my classroom that it could have grow so much. Not I hasten to add, was it driven by me but because I have become part of a network, a team who believe that self-driven teacher professional development is the way to go. I am again excited and thrilled to announce that our TeachMeet Sydney wiki has been nominated in two categories.

Best educational use of a wiki and Best open PD or webinair.

Again this is not because I expect us to win but as TeachMeet Sydney grows, TeachMeet Melbourne and TeachMeet Brisbane have also started. A TeachMeet Wagga Wagga is planned for next year as well as an attempt to break the TeachMeet world record. Look out for more details about that as well as our brand new TeachMeet website soon!

From little things big things grow.


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  1. Karen Falconer

    Henrietta, thank you so much for taking us all along with you on your learning journey. Your enthusiasm to integrate technology effectively to enhance learning and forge ahead with collaborating at the highest levels to develop learning networks, has been inspirational and has benefited all of us!