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The Australian school year is nearly over. After successfully conferencing with every student in my class, my reports are finished. Units of work are coming to a close and thoughts of future holidays are beginning to surface. In Year 5 though, we still have thinking and reflecting to complete.

This week we posed the following question on our year5rc blog. If you were the teacher what would you change?

The comments we have received make for amusing and interesting reading and for me are a great reminder of what is important and meaningful in the life of 10 and 11 year old students. So just what would they add to the day if they were the teacher?

  • I would add more drama and art. A common theme and mentioned by many students, unfortunately for them drama is only timetabled once a fortnight and art once a week.
  • Talk Time (Where the teacher talks to her students and asks all about how life is going and all that sort of stuff and they can talk about worries). I love this one and it is a definite reminder that sometimes we just need to slow down and chat. With our overstuffed day and busy curriculum that can often seem an impossibility.
  • I would add TV review lessons where we get to watch something on TV and we have to write a review on it and say what was good and bad about it. An interesting possibility perhaps? I wonder if she had an educational program in mind though?
  • If I were a teacher I would decorate the class room a different thing each month. For example one month it would be at the beach with sand. Or one month it would be a water park. Not sure about this one.
  • We should have more mufti days and more sport and less of written maths and more of interacting mathematics! Proof that they are loving our current maths project where we are making maths movies to display our learning. if only every maths lesson could be like this.

And what would they take away? No surprises here.

  • I would take away some of the homework because it takes up time for family friends and extra activities.
  • I don’t like having NAPLAN and the ICAS tests which I don’t know why are so necessary.
  • I would take away some maths and replace it with other subjects.
  • I would also change that instead of laptops we have ipads so we can take the home and get them in year 5 and have them for your whole life but use them at school from grades 5-12. I wonder if ipads will be what they will be using in year 12? Somehow I doubt it.

But perhaps the quote of them all is the following:

If I was in charge of what was going on I wouldn’t of allowed Mrs Thomas to get Appendicitis. That was the disappointment of my year!

I agree! Losing my buddy for six weeks made my life both difficult and stressful. Proof indeed that two heads have been better than one and that team teaching has been one of the most rewarding aspect of life in year 5 for me this year.





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  1. Great post and some insightful reflections from your Grade 5 students. I’m sure a lot of the feedback would be similar in my own school, particularly the comments about getting rid of certain assessments which students don’t understand the purpose of. The comment about adding in more ‘talk time’ is particularly telling – obviously shows the great relationship you have with your students, that they’re wanting to spend time talking and sharing with you.