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The first thing I did upon arriving at The 5th National Leading a Digital School Conference last week, was to collect my free i-pad. Well free for three days anyway. I then used the i-pad for the next three days to take notes and photographs from the sessions I attended. Back home it is as simple as opening my dropbox folder and viewing the PDFs I created. Fabulous and of course now I want one! One or more for my classroom that is!

Once again the conference confirmed for me that although I love and depend of Twitter there is nothing quite like face to face conversations with like minded educators to really inspire me. It was great to meet, talk with and learn from others.

I was challenged to think what does learning look like?
I was challenged to think do my students create, navigate and network in safe effective and ethical ways?
I was challenged to consider that it is not about locating information anymore. It is about what our students create with that information

I was encouraged to use Evernote to capture and create records of my student learning in class.
I was encouraged to learn more about the semantic web as, in the not too distant future students will be able to put a question into a search engine and they will get the full answer.
I was encouraged to keep on learning. Teachers must be learners,we must live in the same space students are living in, we must invest time into working it out and modeling it to the students.

I definitely want to read further and learn more about web 3.0 with Judy O Connell’s excellent presentation The next big thing is web 3.0 catch it if you can.
I definitely want to learn more about search engines such as duckduckgo .
I definitely want to learn more about QR codes and how to incorporate them into my teaching.

I left the conference with my brain full yes. But more than that I left secure in the knowledge that I had done my bit in assisting other educators with my presentations. And also secure in the knowledge that I am on the right track. That together Pru and I are doing our best to educate our students for the 21st century with a program  rich in pedagogically sound activities.

After all not only do we have no idea what the future will look like but we are educating tomorrow leaders, the ones who will put out the lights when we all retire.

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  1. It certainly sounds like your time was well spent. I look forward to reading, learning and moving forward with you. It is certainly true that a lot has been achieved as a result of your incredible energy. Your impact has moved far beyond our school walls. I’d give you an A+ except I don’t give grades anymore!

  2. Absolutely Pru, A+ to us both! Without your support and help none of this would be possible.

  3. Lindsey Dunnam

    Mrs. Miller,
    My name is Lindsey, and I am in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class. I enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like you had a lot of fun during the Conference. I recently bought an I-Pad 2, and I love it! I can’t wait to see what all I can use it for when I start student teaching. I also plan on learning more about Evernote. It sounds like it could be very useful in the future.