The following slide share is taken from the second presentation I gave at The 5th National Leading a digital school Conference last week in Melbourne. During my presentation I tried to persuade my audience that to return with their heads full from this conference was not enough. That as educators in a rapidly changing world it is our responsibility to help other teachers learn too.

After all with the move from chalk to white boards to IWBs. From computers to i-pads, not to mention the advent of The National Curriculum next year how can we possibly all keep up, unless we share and learn together? I promoted techie brekkies, or lunch and learn, or cake and collaborate, or pizza and PD (what is it with food and teachers?). Just so long as other teachers from their schools are encouraged to view themselves as learners too. I showed them my techie brekkie website and talked through the logistics of running such a site. I also mentioned how TeachMeets seem to be taking off and I showed them the TeachMeet Sydney wiki and the TeachMeet Melbourne wiki and implored them to promote, assist or even run a TeachMeet themselves.

Enjoy and learn from my slides.

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