In the space of two weeks I have presented at two virtual conferences. I wonder if this is the way more conferences will go? I know that at RSCON3 I had over 65 people in my room and for edmodocon there were more like 250. Many more than could possibly get an expensive day out of the classroom to attend a real conference. Both conferences were free for all participants and as such they really fit with my aims of sharing and learning with other teachers around the globe

There were many presentations I missed at both conferences. Mainly because they occurred while I was asleep.  This though does not matter these days as they have both been recorded and saved so that everyone can enjoy them further.

If you too missed the bulk of RSCON3 this link will take you to the recordings. You can browse and watch at your leisure. This is the link to my presentation on ‘Taking professional development to the next level with techie brekkies and teachMeets’ techie brekkies and TeachMeets.

I will certainly be checking out the edmodocon recordings as I missed everything except my own presentation. Due to the fact that I was asleep and then teaching right up until the moment it started. The line of presenters was a great one, with us Aussies holding up the rear! Both of the other Australian presenters have blogged about their experiences and you can readMoniques thoughts here. Her reflection on the breadth of learning that could be had from Edmodocon, tells me that the recording will be a great source of professional development. Jess Melkman also had many positives to report about her experience as an edmodocon presenter. Both of these great Australian teachers use edmodo in their respective high schools and in totally different ways to me. So check out their presentations too for further inspiration about using edmodo in the classroom.

In case you are interested and you missed my presentation here are my slides. The edmodo blog has more details about the recording.


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  1. Thanks again Henrietta for sharing this. A great help for me getting Edmodo started where I am.