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So it is finally on RSCON3, will take place from Friday, July 29 to Sunday, July 31 2011. I hope you will join it for what promises to be the biggest yet global online conference for everyone concerned with education. With more than 75 presentations and 12 keynote speakers it is sure to be an incredible event! Organised by educators for educators, it is FREE but will offer more valuable and inspiring PD than money can buy!

Reading those words which I have (with minor modifications) lifted from the conference website brings more than a few butterflies to my stomach. In less than 2 days I too will be presenting as one of the 75 presenters. Over the past two weeks I have more than once thought why on earth did I say yes to the invitation. What can I a year 5 teacher from Sydney bring to such an event that might interest educators from around the globe? Last week I even woke in a sweat dreaming that I was presenting but that no one was in the chat room listening!

In reflecting on this I have come to realise several things about myself. Firstly that it is only by pushing myself and placing myself out of my comfort zone, that I will continue to grow as a learner and a teacher. The up side of this is as I gain more confidence with technology my teaching with technology also improves. And secondly that I do not enjoy self-promotion. With the conference around the corner though and the prospect of an empty room and all too real thought. Here goes my final act of courage in preparing for RSCON.

I am presenting at 11.00 am (Sydney time) on Sunday July 31. For details of other time zones you need to click here. I will be talking about how I hold techie brekkies and more recently TeachMeets. I will posing the questions such as, how do we get more teachers to be more technological? What do you want from professional development? How do you share your knowledge with others at your school?

So please join me and the other 75 presenters as we use eluminate to present to the world. To join my presentation you will need to click on this link.


You will then need to enter your name and wait for the session to open. You are free to lurk or join in the text chat. If you wish to ask a question you will need a microphone but otherwise you are free to listen or even to leave your computer.

To find out more about some of the other great presenters you can check out the schedule or read this excellent post by an American teacher Pernille Ripp.



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  1. I just co-presented a session today. I understand completely your butterflies, I woke up this morning with a bad case of heart burn. 🙂 The people in the session were very supportive so relax and enjoy the conversations.