Do you want to able to be inspired by education professionals from around the world while relaxing over the weekend from the comfort of your lounge?

Well join me and thousands of others from around the world in a couple for weeks time for RSCON3. RSCON3 is the third Reform Symposium e-conference for educators. It is totally free and it will be held from July 30th – August 1st,. 2011.

RSCON3 will offer a huge variety of presentations throughout the weekend. With amazing presenters from all around the globe, even if you can only make one or two presentations you are sure to find something interesting. Check out this schedule to find out more. RSCON3 will use eluminate a virtual room which can be accessed for free from anywhere in the world. Participants can listen, watch and take part in presentations using eluminate.

I am honoured  to have been asked to present at RSCON3 . The topic I have been asked to speak on is :

Taking professional development to the next level with techie brekkies and TeachMeets

My summary says: As a connected teacher you are no doubt integrating ICT into your teaching program. How about the rest of the teachers you work with? Are they happy working with technology or do they need help even just to get started? Learn how to assist and develop others using techie brekkies and TeachMeets’ I will be exploring some of the ways I am trying to help the staff at my school learn about new technologies. I will also be asking for your opinions on how you play your part in helping others. Are you using techie brekkies, un-conferences, TeachMeets and more? I would really love it if you could drop into eluminate for my session at RSCON3. If nothing more seeing a familiar name in the chat room may help to assuage some of my nerves!

Time – 11.30am Sunday 31th July (GMT+10 time). Click here to find out what time this is for you.

To find out more about RSCON3 visit the Reform Symposium website to register. And to view all the presentations check out the full schedule here.

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  1. Did you volunteer to present? I would love to be a presenter in the future, but I don’t know who to speak to concerning that.

  2. I was actually approached to present by a member of the RSCON3 organising committee. I am sure they would be happy to have volunteers for the next one, I suggest you check out the RSCON web site for further details of future conferences. Good luck.