What do you remember about your primary school days? We asked this question of our parents this week using our class blog and the answers were not surprising, not many of them remember tests or exams in their primary days. Yet for Australian students these days this week has been NAPLAN week. All Australian teachers will know the week I am talking about. Three days of nationwide testing for years 3, 5, 7 and 9. For my year 5 students it is a long, tiring and for some stressful week.

But today was different, today was a day about ‘making memories’. We held our first making memories day last year and you can you can read about why here.

Today we held the same two challenges. We placed all of year 3 and 5 into mixed random teams. And firstly they had to create a tower made from spaghetti and mini marshmallows. Secondly they had to design, create and build a container out of recycling and masking tape to protect an egg from breaking when dropped off our 1st floor balcony. Also they needed to design, create and make a poster using a program of their choice, advertising their creation to supermarkets who may wish to rethink their use of egg cartons, due to breakages.

Some of the highlights for me were:

The squeals of delight when they learnt that their first challenge was to create the tallest free standing tower they could from spaghetti and marshmallows.
Watching my students think, talk, create, design and problem solve to try and create those towers.
Seeing students help each other, try and try again and not give up even when the towers collapsed.
They way they cleared up all the stickiness without complaint, even if it meant sneakily licking a few fingers and scoffing the final marshmallows.

Our second challenge was the ‘eggcellent egg protector’. I have to say I never knew so much recycling could appear in one classroom! Again I was so impressed by how they showed our core year 5 values. They cooperated together in mixed teams. They cared for the year 3 girls. They collaborated together and their designs were so creative.

Yes there were eggs that broke and designs that failed but I know that today we made memories.

For after all isn’t it the memories that count?

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  1. Jo Marshall

    Wow! What an awesome activity. These activities are perfect preparation for the designing and making we do in Year 7 Technology in the Senior School. Our creative thinkers are the designers of tomorrow and cooperative problem solving is such an important life-long skill. Maybe next year I could come and see your innovative creations ?
    Mrs Marshall- Yr 7&8 Technology teacher