I have just returned from five days in the picturesque Hunter Valley near Sydney. During my five days I had with me my darling supportive husband. During my five days I did not have with me a computer, a phone, any children, my dog or my chickens. I also had no washing, cooking, cleaning or any other household chores to do. It was bliss. I spent a lot of time reading and breathing. I realised that there is nothing like an uninterrupted time of rest and relaxation to reinvigorate my mind and body.

This time reminded me that even though I love my job, even though I am inspired by every Tweet I read and every blog I discover, that I must sometimes take time out too. In this world of newness and learning where around every corner is a new tool to discover and a new idea to try out, it can be hard to switch off. Yet we are doing ourselves and our students a disservice, if we work ourselves to the bone without taking time out to recharge not only our bodies but our souls too. The world of education will be a poorer place if those teachers who do care enough to try and change their classrooms, do so in an unsustainable way.

So if you are currently on holidays, please take time to smell the roses. Turn off your phone. turn off your computer. The tweets can wait, the blogs will still be there and your life will be richer for it.

Now I am back and raring to go. There is school work to be done and the Sydney TeachMeet to finalise. I am invigorated and ready. I still have one more week of holidays and during that I also hope to finish my new audio book ‘Your brain at work’ by David Rock.

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