It was exactly a year ago that I wrote these words.

My classroom was designed and built around eight years ago. Oh good I hear you say, it must be nice and modern. Well to some degrees it is, except that the architect who no doubt was sitting in his air-conditioned office at the time assured ‘the powers that be’ that these classrooms would have plenty of through ventilation and fresh air and so would not need air-conditioning. Yes it is true I have a door on one side of the room and louvered windows on the other side, so I can create some air flow. Except that in Sydney the temperature is currently hovering around the 28 to 35 Celsius mark with humidity in the high nineties. My classroom this week has felt like a sauna.

So nothing has changed, this week my classroom has been a sauna again, actually on one day it reached 38 degrees. Yet tonight as I sit at home trying to find a breeze, I do not feel like whinging, why?  Well because actually I have had a good week.

  • It was a good week because I have a great new class, 26 students ready and eager to learn. Ready to take up the challenges and frustrations of learning. Ready to get to know each other and to make new friends.
  • It was a good week because we have several new members of staff who are also ready to take up the challenges and joys of teaching at my school. I can already tell we will make a good team this year.
  • It was a good week because yes, it was hot but at least I have a classroom. My school has not been destroyed by cyclone Yasi or ruined by the recent floods in Victoria and Queensland.
  • It was a good week because several staff members are eager to start new class blogs and eager to read other teacher’s blogs, ready to network and to learn.
  • It was a good week because several new classes are ready to connect with mine using edmodo or our class blog.
  • It was a good week because I have discovered several new blogs, reconnected with others and feel inspired and ready for the year ahead.
  • It was a good week because it was the first week back and now it is over, the weekend has arrived and on Monday it will be cooler!

I had a good week and I hope you did too

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  1. So glad you had a good start to the year Henrietta. It sounds like there is energy and enthusiasm for what you have to offer your staff. I’m sure we will be hearing about more of the great things you do as the year continues.

  2. Hello, My name is Jordan Sellers and I am a student at the University of South Alabama taking the course EDM 310 with Dr. Strange. I want to tell you that I can completely sympathize with the overwhelming heat that you are going though right now, it regularly hovers around 95-100 degrees/F. But, I appreciate that through it all you are able to look on the bright side of the situation. I wish you well on the coming term and look forward to reading more of your comments. You can follow me at http://SellersJordanedm310.blogspot.com or our class (which teaches prospective teachers to use technology in the classroom at http://edm310.blogspot.com