Do you set goals for the year, whether personal or professional?

When I start back at school next week, one of the things I will be asked to do is to write down my professional goals for the year. I really cannot remember what I wrote last year but what I do know is that my year of firsts totally surpassed what I might have hoped for this time last year. After such an amazing year of growth and learning I am finding it hard to define my tangible goals for 2011.

I know I want to continue blogging, aiming still to write weekly, a mix of ideas, thoughts and reflections seem to work for me.
I know I want to continue to improve my knowledge of technological tools and to continue to increase the ways I use technology in my classroom.
I know I want to continue to develop a student centred classroom aiming help every student in my class learn in meaninglful ways.
I know I want to reach out to other members  of staff and other educators with my techie brekkie sessions and website. This year I am aiming to involve more staff from the high school in these and to possibly open them up to other local schools.

One tangible, yet possibly not achievable goal I have, is to be selected for the Google Teacher Academy, which will be held in Sydney in April. Whether my one minute video will be enough to see me into the short list of 50 educators from around Australia and South East Asia remains to be seen. Even if I do not make it though, just the act of putting together a one minute video was a learning curve for me. To start with I only found out about the application process on the last day of school term last year, so I had to use photographs I had already taken. Secondly making a movie of only one minute that told my story was not an easy task.

Still, ‘you have to be in it to win it’ and ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’.

What goals have you set for 2011?

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  2. Carmel

    Congratulations on your video, good luck with application. One of my goals this year is to bring the school admin and staff to the point of recognizing the computer in the students’ pockets – all those smart phones they could be using for educational purposes. Without goals, as you said ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’
    I’ll start with QR codes in the library and encourage students to download a free reader to ‘read the codes’ a small step but a start.

  3. Sarah Nell York

    Great job on the video! That would be tough to get your story in a one minute video would be difficult! Your video was inspiring and I think that it is enough to be recognized. Your goals are also inspiring and your passion for teaching and informing is evident! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you both Carmel and Sarah for your kind comment, making a one minute video that told my story was incredibly hard and whether it is good enough remains to be seen. But is was a fantastically reflective thing to do and by being so short it really focussed my mind on my message.

  5. Congratulations on the completion of your video. My name is Henry Nonnenmacher, I’m pursuing an education degree at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. After watching your video, I thought about some of my own goals I would like to accomplish this year and I know one of them is to become technologically literate so I can provide a more modern classroom. I think it is very important for teachers to get away from just textbooks and lectures. Good luck on getting into to the Google Teacher Academy.

  6. I think that the reason you are having trouble coming up with goals is because the goals that you started last year are the lasting kind, the kind that you keep working and growing at year after year. That is a worthy goal!
    Good luck on GTA!