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If you read my post ‘What a difference a year makes’, you will know that a couple of weeks ago I gave my first ever conference presentations at Ulearn10. This was followed this week by a second presentation at aisitic10 in Sydney. Today I would like to try and share with you the presentation I gave.

How to create a differentiated literary program for primary students, in which ICT is fully integrated.

The following is taken from the aisitic10 wiki :

Using examples from my Year 5 literacy program. This session will show teachers how to offer students a choice of novels to read, so as to interest and engage them. Students work both independently and collaboratively on tasks connected to their novel, that are matched to their personal learning style and their ability level. The aim is for teachers to create a classroom culture of learning and success.
Through the integration of Edmodo, a secure discussion forum, students are able to role play characters from their novel and connect in an authentic discussion forum. This literary program is designed around a matrix which offers a choice of rich tasks, including many based on the use of ICT. This caters to both different learning styles and different ability levels.

Teachers attending this session will come away with several examples of novels that could be used, from different genres and for differing reading ability levels. Examples of Ralph Pirrozo matrix will also be given and attendees will be encouraged to explore these further. Pirozzo’s matrix references Bloom’s Taxonomy & Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. On this matrix, teachers can layer their Learning Outcomes, Real Assessment Tasks, Learning Activities, Thinking Tools and Cooperative Activities in ways that meaningfully integrate ICT.
Teachers will leave this session with copies of the matrix I use, together with an understanding of how Edmodo can be used in their classrooms. This session is ideal for middle and upper primary teachers.

In my presentation I discussed how by offering students a choice of novel to read and a choice of tasks to complete one can, in my opinion create a truly differentiated program. In our year five classrooms this year, we added into this the social discussion forum of Edmodo. In our novel study we used Edmodo to create small discussion groups. By using small groups targeted at each novel, we were able to develop our students questioning and thinking skills, in differentiated ways. I believe we achieved this, as students only interacted and responded within their group. Thus a student reading our most challenging novel was discussing her novel with other like minded students, while those needing more support were happy to discuss the themes of their novel, with like minded peers. My co-teacher and I work hard to develop our students thinking and questioning skills, through the use of open-ended questions posted on Edmodo, we were able to engage out students in deep and meaningful conversations.

I intend to explore Edmodo further and am planning a collaborative discussion on ‘Australian Bush Ballads’ with a class in Victoria this term. Next Year my co-teacher and I are planning to use Edmodo within our homework program. The Edmodo site has excellent support guides and there are many helpful videos to be found on youtube should you be interested. If you have any further questions about my presentation please feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer them.

This is the prezi I presented at aisitic10

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  1. Great idea to have students virtually role play characters from novels, this is a fun way to learn with technology.

  2. Donna Anderson

    I just started using Edmodo this week and I love it.

  3. This is fantastic:) Would love to chat with you more about some of your experiences using Edmodo in the classroom. If you have time, you can reach me at

    (Also — would you consider sharing your prezi in the edmodo library? This is something all teachers could benefit from!:)

  4. r8chlwhy

    I’ve just started using Edmodo to connect the students, we’ve started with book discussions. Your idea to role play sounds like fun, certainly something some of my kids would enjoy. Thanks for sharing this here.