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Collaborative meetings

At the PYP course I took last week, I heard much about the need to develop collaborative teams of teachers. As the PYP coordinator I facilitate planning meetings between teachers. The question I am grappling with this week is how can I ensure they are collaborative? And what is a collaborative meeting and why does […] 

Reflections on the role of a PYP coordinator

I am writing this reflection from my hotel room in Singapore, where I am lucky enough to be attending a course title ‘The role of the PYP Coordinator’. Tonight is the end of day two and I have homework to do before tomorrow. I need to reflect on my learning so far and to especially […] 

Rich discussions in Edmodo

It is a Sunday afternoon and as I regularly do I have just checked into my Edmodo literacy group to view some of my students weekly homework. As I do so, I want to spontaneously give a little happy dance. This weekend the discussions on our novel The city of Ember have exploded. Students are […] 

Who owns your classroom?

Who owns the space allocated to 6MW? Is it mine or my co-teachers? The students? A combination? These questions are ones that I have been pondering over, ever since I was challenged to think about its ownership, during a recent PYP course I took. It has long bothered me that as a general rule my […] 

No Hands Up

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about the value of ‘wait time’ when asking questions of my students. Since that time I have endeavoured to use ‘wait time’ with mixed success. I have tried really hard to find other ways of encouraging student participation besides ‘hands up’ including a pack of cards with students […] 

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